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General Questions

  • You can start your seven-day free trial here. 

  • You can start your subscription with a 7-day free trial and then pay just $5 per week.

  • Each Friday, a new meal plan containing five dinner recipes for the next week is released.

  • Yes! We use an encryption service to process your payment and store your account. Your credit card information is also hidden from us.

  • Yes! The goal is to have personal trainers, nutritionists, and chefs put together a diverse set of meal plans. We will let you know as soon as this is an option! Until then, Katie works hard to share with you a cost-effective and nutritious meal plan each week!

  • To give you time to check out what we’re all about, we offer a one-week free trial. After this period, you will be automatically billed a non-refundable $5 per week.

  • The plans are aimed at feeding a family of 4, the recipes are all very easy to adapt if you are feeding more or less. We’re currently working on our new system that will allow you to simply enter the number of heads you’re needing to feed, which will update your recipes and shopping list automatically!

  • The amount will vary from week to week, a lot of the recipes use the same staple ingredients such as soy sauce, flour etc so you won’t be needing to buy a whole trolley full of ingredients every week. We share with subscriber’s ways to adapt the recipes to suit different budgets in our weekly video chat in the private Facebook group.

  • At this stage the meal plans are aimed at families, but we plan on offering dietary specific meal plans in the very near future.

  • Yes, absolutely!!! We offer a wide range of recipes, some are made from scratch and some are made using packet mixes as a base, this is a great starting point for beginner cooks. We provide additional support through the private Facebook group to ensure all subscribers can cook the recipes and develop their cooking skills.

  • Yes, the recipes are all family friendly. I have two young children, so I know the struggle it can be to get them to eat a variety of food. We share ideas on how to adapt the recipes to suit young children through the private Facebook group to ensure the whole family enjoys the meals.

  • The recipe preparation and cook times vary, they are developed to be cooked as weeknight dinners and we know how busy the evening time can be. Some recipes take 10-15 mins to cook and some take 60 mins. There is a good variety each week and the recipes state how long they will take to prep and cook so you know in advance and can plan accordingly.

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