Tips for Fussy Kids

Its such a common struggle for many parents… to prevent your kids from being fussy eaters.

I’ve put together a few tips to help get you through, the most important in my experience is being persistent. They might not try it the first time, don’t give up!! The hard work will pay off 🙂

Up to about the age of 2, my eldest daughter was not a fussy eater. Once she discovered she had a choice and a voice it became a bit more difficult. We have had to be persistent to get veges into her, here are a few tips that we found helpful.


Its very easy when you are busy to get caught up in the trap of keeping the kids happy or doing what is easiest/less fuss but remember that you are paving the path for the food choices your children will likely make in the future, offer a range of different foods and keep encouraging them to try new things, remember as the adult you know what is best for your child 🙂